Purple Lotus

Therapeutic Massage & Esthetics

St. Albert Small Business Award of Distinction winner:

"Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015"


Q. Are the Therapists Registered?

A. Yes our therapists are registered and are members in good standing with their associations!

Q. Do you accept walk in appointments?

A. No, we are by appointment only. Each RMT has set hours you can book with them but will not be in the clinic when there are no bookings.

Q. Do you direct bill?

A. Yes we do! But always double check you are eligible for Direct Billing, all accounts are different!

Q. Can I book a massage appointment for two people at the same time?

A. At certain time yes please call to find out when we can accommodate same time appointments

Q. I called the office and got the answering machine during office hours!

A. We do not have a receptionist! Our therapists answer and return all the calls. If you get the machine it just means we are with a client, please leave a message and we will call you back on our next break. If you do not leave a message we do not know to call you back!

Q. Do I have to remove all my clothing for a massage?

A. No, but it is easier and more effective working directly on unclothed skin. Only the body part being worked on will be undraped. Some people feel more comfortable leaving undergarments on, which is fine, just be aware if lotion/oil come in contact with them it could discolor!

Q. There are a lot of questions on the health form! Do I need to fill them all out?

A. Yes! All the questions are there for a reason. We do not share your information with anyone! It is all private and confidential! We ask these questions to be able to give you the best massage possible!

Q. Do you massage kids?

A. Yes we do. For all clients under 18 we do need a parent signature on the health form. Depending on the age, the parent may also decide to be in the treatment room!

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