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Surviving the Cold and Flu Season

Well it is that time a year again! Cold and flu bugs are common this time a year! Being in the industry we are in here at Purple Lotus we run the risk more of catching something since we are in public contact a lot! We try our best to stay healthy by boosting our immune systems, constant hand washing (which we already do a lot of even not in cold and flu season!), and staying home when sick!


In order to keep our clinic cold and flu free here is some helpful hints!


1. If you are sick even with a simple head cold please do not come in, call and rebook (we will not charge you a late cancel if you are sick!). If you come in sick you risk passing your cold or flu to other clients (some which are immune compromised) and to the staff! If we as health practitioners get sick we can not work! We do not want to get our clients sick and we don’t think you would want our germs. So please please please do not come in if you are sick, call us as soon as you feel sick and rebook! If anyone comes in even a little sick we will be sending people home this time a year! Stay home and rest!


2. Drink plenty of water during this time of year, keeps your system hydrated and clean!


3. Wash your hands frequently! This is one of the best ways to not pass germs!


4. Eat healthy! I know it is hard this time of year but make sure you are getting all the proper nutrients you body needs!


5. Keep some of our cold and flu buster shower bursts and bath tub teas handy incase you do get sick!

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