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What is Lomi?

I get asked this question on almost a daily basis. Along with why is this better then regular massage? What is the difference from a regular massage? Can you describe lomi?



All of these questions are so hard to answer. Why you ask? Because Lomi is different for each person. Depending on what you need physically and mentally and how much you are willing to open up.



So what is Lomi to me? It is now away of life really. If you have known me for a long time you know I am a very “type A” personality, very very high strung, very planned, my life is chaos if I don’t have a plan. Those of you that have met me recently are probably like okay some of this is true but your not THAT crazy!



Ever since traveling to Hawaii and emerging myself in Lomi I have learned Lomi is not just massage. It makes you step back and slow down just a little. I am slower to anger now, I have less panic attacks, I see the light at the end of a dark day. Lomi nurtures the mind body and soul. I could keep rambling on all day but instead I am going to let my clients speak for Lomi.




Over the past month or so I have been asking my regular Lomi clients to think of what Lomi is to them. They were then given a piece of paper to write a short description of what it is to them. I was amazed by what each one felt. Please take a look below…alot described the mental benefits of Lomi so I will first show you the physical benefits…The follow photo is after one treatment


photo 1

Before. Right shoulder elevated

photo 2

After, taken right after treatment
















Lomi is…Finding Balance


Lomi is…Deep and all over!


Lomi is…an invitation to rebalance


Lomi is…a hug for the soul


Lomi is…the fountain of youth


Lomi is…delicious for the mind and body!

What are you waiting for? Book your Lomi today and experience for yourself!

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