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I was not planning on doing a post like this. This month was going to be about the benefits of Lomi. But after something I heard today I have changed my mind.


I was walking around The Heritage Festival with my Mum today. One of the booths had a bean bag toss like game set up. The boy that was throwing did not have the best throw at that moment, the man running the booth turned about and said that was “a throw like a girl you can do better”. It got my attention. Still 6 or so hours later this is still bugging me.


Because some one has a bad throw, why is it like a girl???? I have heard this phrase for many other uses too and I am sure you have too. “Throw Like A Girl, Hit Like A Girl, Run Like a Girl, Shoot Like A Girl” The list can go on and on. Why is “Like A Girl” used to describe bad or poor efforts. When did like a girl become a bad thing. As girls and women we need to stand up and make a change. Being Like A Girl is not a bad thing. I am proud that I am the girl/woman I am….What is being a girl now a days though. Is it being weak? Is it being incapable? Is it being unsuccessful? Why can’t it being a girl mean being strong, being capable, being successful?


I was raised to be strong, confident, successful and guess what this may come to a shock…I AM A GIRL! How are we raising our girls if every time someone makes a poor shot or throw we tell them they are doing it like a girl. Girls can throw, hit, run,shoot just as well as any boy. What is this teaching our boys about how to respect girls.


Girls…of all ages…from 0-99…lets make a change. Lets make being a girl a positive because guess what…being a girl ROCKS. We are ALL beautiful, strong, fierce, amazing human beings.

Please let me know how you will make being a girl A POSITIVE thing.


And Please watch this follow video by “Always” They have nailed it on the head!

Always #LikeAGirl

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