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Happy New Year!


Hope everyone’s holiday was relaxing and you’re starting out the New Year refreshed! With the launch of our new website I am starting a blog! I am excited to start writing about our monthly specials, massage/wellness tips, healthy recipes and much more!


This month our special has a very special place in my heart.  I am trying to raise $1000 for the St Valentine’s Day Hair Massacure. I have died my hair pink to show my support…how will you show yours?


Pink Hair in Support of the Massacure!

Pink Hair in Support of the Massacure!

Show your support and click the link below to my Massacure donation page.

Perhaps die your hair? Make a Donation? Cut your hair for a wig? This particular charity is in support of Children fighting cancer and the Stollery Hospital, to me though it is a reminder and a fight for all who have fought cancer.



Everyone has been touched by cancer somehow…whether it be yourself, your mum, your dad, your sibling, an aunt or uncle, grandparents, friends….ask anyone and almost 100% will tell you they know someone who has fought or who is fighting cancer. For me…it is my dad and my best friends little brother.


I was very young when my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer…but I remember it. I remember him not looking like himself. I think I was too young to understand what was going on at the time but as I got older I got it.


My dad doesn’t talk about it much, but what he has told me shows the strength he has to overcome some of life’s hardest challenges. He has told me that my mum and I were his biggest motivation to get better; my mum would have me sitting in the window so he would see me as he came home from his treatments. We have a home video, not a long one…has to be only a few minutes long, it was right in the middle of my dad’s treatment. I know he doesn’t like watching the video, I cannot imagine what memories it brings back.


For me when I see that video I see something much different than what he sees. I see the strength and courage of a man who has so much to fight for, I see someone who is not ready to give up, in this video is a man who had so much to live for and is proof that this disease can be beat. I wish every single person fighting cancer has the strength that my dad had and has to this day.


I have known my best friend for 20 years, that being said I have seen her little brother grow up from almost a baby. I forget the year as they all blend together after a while when you spend so much time with another person. It was one Christmas, we were having our annual Christmas Coffee get together…really no different than any other time we hang out but this time it was… I remember mid-sentence she stopped quickly said “my brother has cancer” then carried on…I was of course blindsided…I don’t remember what I said or did I can only pray it was the right thing. The kid put up an amazing fight, he was such a trooper. Whenever I stopped by you could tell he was sick but you could tell he was making the best of everyday. Today he is a healthy, tall, and amazing young man.


I am happy that both my dad and my friends brother are healthy and living amazing lives.


It is for both of these people and everyone else putting up the fight of their lives I am dying my hair bright pink and raising money! Please click the link below to get to my fundraising page. Everyone that donates will get a 10% off coupon to use for any services at the clinic. Make sure you don’t donate anonymously or I wont know who to give the coupon too!


Together lets fight!

Link to my fundraiser page!

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