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Grounding myself in Maui



I am a week into my latest adventure to Maui, those of you that know me know that Maui is a very special place for me. Maui is calming, spiritual, grounding, a place to re discover yourself.

So much has happened in such a short trip so far. Today is the last day of Advanced Lomi Extremities. I have already completed Advanced Lomi Core and on Monday I start Kau Lua… Back walking.

Even vent though these trips are to learn new skills for work they are also for healing and re grounding. I have had a lot going on back home with family being ill and such. I was starting to loose focus. Since being here I have refund my purpose. I have had one major emotional release and a 10 year old injury healed!


So far here are the highlights:


On Wednesday we got to go help local farmers tend a taro patch! The work is so amazingly grounding. To get there though you have to take the most winding road ever! Seriously Google Road to Hana. I was sick the whole way there and back. I am so thankful for my Lomi Family being so understanding and pulling over constantly for me! But once here is was worth the struggle! We spent the morning clearing the patches and planting new taro. You basically jump in this muddy pit and Lomi the dirt with your hands and feet to loosen the grass and dirt! Soooo amazing!

In the afternoon we got to go to an amazing temple. It is the biggest in polysisia.


2 days ago we were working on lower extremities. 10 years ago I ruptured a tendon in my ankle. Even after surgery I have been in constant pain, my ankle stayed swollen, and I had no range of motion. After one treatment that’s right one treatment. I am pain free, swelling free, and I can move my ankle freely. I have cried many happy tears her last few days. Friends Lomi works come and try it!



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